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Exceptional Services at Your Local Aesthetic Salon

Queens Worth Aesthetics is a beloved Aesthetic Salon in East Hartford, committed to providing high quality products and services at incomparable prices. We’re here to make all your beauty related dreams come true — we’ll have you feeling and looking as fantastic as a million bucks in no time! Pamper yourself with our services and transform your beauty with us today!


Healthy Skin Facial

$80- $110

Our Healthy Skin Facials are customized based off skin type, condition and desired results. These facials may include a double cleanse, exfoliation fit for your skins concerns and tolerance, extractions, masking, and more based on which facial you book. All facials come with treatment plan to fit your skincare goals! 
For a full description of all facials offered click the "Book Now" button below!

Facial Care

Service Add-ons

$10 - $30

Add-ons are enhancements you can add on to your already customized service. we have add-ons for even more relaxation or to push you further along your skincare journey! 
For a full description of all of the add-on services we offer click "Book Now" button.

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Beautiful Skin

Dermaplaning (New face Facial)


Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face. It’s also called microplaning or blading.

Dermaplaning aims to make your skin’s surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. This treatment claims to remove deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks on your skin. It’s also used to remove “peach fuzz,” the short, soft hairs on your face.

Dermaplaning can be used for any skin type and anyone with:

  • acne scars

  • dull skin

  • dry skin

  • sun-damaged skin 

  • fine wrinkles 

This procedure doesn’t require any downtime for recovery, which makes it extremely convenient!

For more about this service click the "Book Now" button below!

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Applying Facial Cream

Chemical Peels

$90 -120

Chemical peels remove the outer layers of the skin to initiate cell renewal and cell turnover, thus improving skin's texture and appearance. This makes them an excellent choice for a wide-range of skin concerns. From fine lines and wrinkles to acne and hyperpigmentation, chemical peels are one of the most effective methods to address these changes. But they’re not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Since every client’s skin is different, the best solution is to create a completely customized peel that suits each person’s skin needs. Our professional products enable you to tailor each treatment to your client’s skin concerns, helping them achieve their healthiest-looking skin.  

For best results, we recommend a series of 3 to 6 Pro Power Peel treatments. Your skin concerns will determine how frequently treatments may be performed.  

  • For Aging and Pigmentation: Treatments will be scheduled 2-4 weeks apart 

  • For Breakouts and Congestion: Treatments will be scheduled 2-4 weeks apart. In some cases a ProSkin30 may be scheduled in between treatments to preform extractions. 

  • For Sensitive Skin: We recommend scheduling 4-6 weeks apart as sensitive skin requires more time to heal

  • For Regular Maintenance: AFTER completing a progressive series, schedule maintenance treatments about 4-6 weeks apart. 

If you have been spending significant time in the sun, you treatments will be delayed.  

Chemical peels are an advanced and can be booked under Advanced Services. Peels are offered in two forms a ProPeel30 and a ProPeel60. Your first peel will be a ProPeel30 then you will have to option to choose between a ProPeel30 or 60 series of  three or six sessions. 

Express Peel $90 

Express Peel 3 sessions $230 (save $40)

Express Peel 6 sessions $480 (save $10 off each session!)

Deluxe Peel60 $120 

Deluxe Peel 3 sessions $330 (save $30) 

Deluxe Peel 6 sessions $600 (save $20 off each session!)  

All session series can be bought through packages.

**All Advanced services will NOT be preformed on first time clients as they are advanced services meaning they require certain level of pre post and after care. As a skin therapist I need to learn your skin, its needs, and tolerance levels prior to performing these advanced services. 


Nano- Needling / Nano Infusion


This brand new microneedling like treatment uses the latest technology that requires minimal downtime. It delivers a highly controlled and precise treatment which can be adapted to clients' exact skin needs and comfort and suitable for all skin tones. The many thousands of micro channels created by the needles cause your skin to begin its own natural healing process. This includes your skin producing 2 types of collagen which then gives the following results:

    ◦     plumping out lines & wrinkles

    ◦    evens out skin tone & texture

    ◦    can treat hyperpigmentation

    ◦    strengthens weak capillaries

    ◦    treats acne scarring firms and tightens

    ◦     gives skin a luminous glow.   

Results will be seen after 1 treatment 

however courses of 3 are advisable for most skin conditions.  

This service also includes the use of an enzyme and mask. Your skin will be glowing like never before!

Nano- Needling $150

3 Sessions $400  (recommended) save $50  

Multiple sessions can be purchased under packages.  

**All Advanced services will NOT be preformed on first time clients as they are advanced services meaning they require certain level of pre post and after care. As a skin therapist I need to learn your skin, its needs, and tolerance levels prior to performing these advanced services. 


LED Light Therapy

$30 (as an add on)

For best results you would need to come in 2-3xs a week for 30 mins. For most conditions you’ll likely need 8-10 treatments, depending on the results you’re looking to achieve. This service can be offered as a stand alone or an add-on to one of our other services. You may also purchase this service as a package to ensure you are getting the desired results.  

What is LED Light Therapy ? 

So what is LED light therapy? Light therapy, also known as phototherapy or low-level light therapy, is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions including skin and pain.

The absorbed energy is then used to improve cellular performance. Light therapy can be delivered through light emitting diode (LEDs) devices or cold lasers, and has a variety of applications across many medical fields. This clinically validated technique is gaining greater and greater acceptance in main stream medicine by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons as a non-invasive therapeutic modality for the treatment and healing of skin and wound conditions and by pain professionals for pain relief.

How does it work ?

Light emitting diode (LED) light therapy is growing in popularity in aesthetician offices. Using varying LED wavelengths, this skincare technique purportedly helps:

  • treat acne 

  • reduce inflammation 

  • promote anti-aging effects

You may be a candidate for LED light therapy if you have these types of skincare concerns and haven’t gotten the results you want from over-the-counter (OTC) skin products. LED therapy is also safe for all skin colors, and it doesn’t cause any burning.  

LED treatments have been researched for different situations in aesthetics. It’s mainly noted for increasing collagen and tissues. All of which can smooth out your skin and reduce the appearance of damage from:

  • age spots 

  • acne 

  • wrinkles

There are different frequencies, or wavelengths, used with LED light treatment. These include red and blue light frequencies, which don’t contain ultraviolet rays and are readily absorbed into the skin.

Red light

Red LED is used for treating the epidermis, which is the outer layer of skin. When the light is applied to your skin, the epidermis absorbs it and then stimulates collagen proteins.

More collagen means that your skin will look smoother and fuller, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Red LED light is also thought to reduce inflammation while improving circulation, which can give you a healthier glow. 

Oftentimes, red LED light is used to:

  • Increases collagen and elastin production 

  • Reduce the look of fine line and wrinkles 

  • Improve skins firmness and resilience 

Blue light

Blue LED, on the other hand, targets the sebaceous glands, which are also called oil glands. They’re located beneath your hair follicles.

Sebaceous glands are necessary for lubricating your skin and hair so that it doesn’t dry out. However, these glands can become overactive, leading to oily skin and acne.

Blue LED light therapy can target these oil glands and make them less active. In turn, you may see fewer acne breakouts Blue light can also kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin, which can help treat severe acne pimples, including cysts and nodules.

Oftentimes, blue LED light is used in conjunction with red LED light to:

  • Help treat acne 

  • Diminishes acne causing bacteria 

  • Promote anti-inflammatory effects 


Near-infrared light has gained increased attention for its ability to activate anti-inflammatory processes and is now widely used in veterinary medicine to treat sprains, bone fractures, and to speed the healing of wounds. Near-Infrared is also use to treat muscles and joint pain, muscle spasms, and muscle tension. 

Oftentimes, Near-Infrared LED light is used to: 

  • Relieve arthritic joint and muscle pain 

  • Increase circulation 

  • Reduce muscle spasms and stiffness

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Wax Removal


$10- $80

Face and body hair removal service. Wax-pass packages are available for purchase! 

To see all the waxing services offered click the "Book Now" button below!

Filling Out a Medical Form


From $50 - $55

Whether virtually or in person a skin consultation consists of a brief conversation about you, your skin, lifestyle and your skincare goals, a skin analysis, and a skin fitness plan with product recommendations to get you started on you skin health journey.

Exfoliation Treatment

Body Treatment

From $40- $75

Body treatments are facials done on different parts of the body to help with any skin concers you may have such as body acne, uneven skin tone, ingrown hairs and more! These treatments include but not limited to a cleanse, exfoliation, mask, and dermal layering. 

For a full description of all the body treatments offered click the "Book Now" button below!

Wax Removal


From $17

We don’t want to boast, but our clients have told us time and again there’s no better place to get a high-quality Waxing than our Aesthetic Salon. Schedule an appointment or drop by whenever you’d like!

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